Lift Station Service

Lift Station Services

Cloud 9 Services specialize in lift station maintenance, repairs, and installation.

Lift stations are used to lift any type of sewage from a building up into a sanitary sewer where the sewage is then treated. While these systems are advantageous for many property owners, problems gone unnoticed or not taken care of promptly can quickly turn into a larger sewage issue. In order for our clients to know when they have a problem with their lift station, we are able to offer information and proper care instructions to our clients.

The first bit of advice that we give to our clients with lift stations involves getting to know what type of lift station they have.

There are two basic pumps that come with a lift station:

A sewage pump and a grinder pump.

One problem many property owners encounter is when the sewage pump of their lift station becomes clogged and stops working efficiently. Although grinder pumps are less prone to clogging, clogged lift station pumps are one problem that commercial and industrial property owners should be aware of. If you have a sewage pump as part of your lift station, avoid allowing large solids such as diapers and sanitary napkins to go through this pump. This will prevent large problems from occurring within your lift station.

If you have a lift station, we recommend that you have maintenance performed on your system regularly. If your require lift station maintenance or you encounter a problem that requires lift station repair, the experts at Cloud 9 Services Inc. are available to assist you at any time of the day or night, so contact us anytime.

Lift Station Repair, Maintenance & Service

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